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The dozenal suite is a set of programs designed to assist with working in the dozenal (also called "duodecimal" or "base twelve") system. It includes number converters (dozenal-to-decimal and decimal-to-dozenal), an RPN calculator, a graphical calculator, a metric system converter (works with imperial, U.S. customary, SI metric, and the dozenal TGM), a pretty-printer for dozenal numbers, a date-and-time program, and a dozenal calendar programs, complete with events and to-dos.

On a more technical level, dozenal is written in POSIX-compliant C. The calendar program uses libhdate to determine the dates of certain Jewish holidays, if they are requested by the user, and requires Lua for the scripting. It also uses sunriset.c, by Paul Schlyter, for the sunrise and sunset code. If you want the GUI programs, you'll need the xforms toolkit; but you can compile without it if you'd prefer. That's all; no other external libraries are required.

The programs included are: